Your Eating Habits Can Kill You: What I’ve Learned from my Dad’s Cancer

Your Eating Habits Can Kill You: What I’ve Learned from my Dad’s Cancer

As you all know my passion is with food and cooking. I love making recipes and sharing it to you for the simple reason that good food is meant to be shared. Well, in this case it starts with sharing my recipes to y’all.  Anyway, there is however a dark and scary part when it comes to this daily cooking and eating of mine. And that is my long term struggle with constipation. Yep you heard me! It’s that stressful struggle that you get when you are sitting on a thrown aka the toilet bowl and you simply can’t get it out.

Some people do not have any issues with this as they can simply “go” on schedule and anytime that they please. But in my case it takes at least 3 days ‘til aheem 1 week for me. I tried drinking more water, fixing more fibrous meals, avoiding certain ingredients that can worsen the problem.  Some did help, some was an #EPICFAIL. So allow me to tell you about my story and why I decided to write this on my blog.


A little Backgrounder

I never really paid much attention to this personal problem of mine not until my dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Colo-what? Two words – colon and rectum. It’s a type of cancer that develops within those internal areas of the body. And it’s undetectable not until it reaches to a stage 3 cancer. Sadly, we lost our dad to this and the fatal blow was a wake up call for me.  Why? Because we both have the same problem, we simply can’t do “shit!” (There I said it. No filter for this blog post right here).

In Photo: My dad and me


When I asked his doctors what caused my dad to have such cancer, the answer was straight forward. Part of the cause was not having an effective bowel movement. Not having a good bowel movement becomes a breeding ground for cancer cells to develop in our intestines, rectums and stomach as the toxins are left to stay for longer periods of time.


Adapting to a New Way of Eating

During his last year with us I was his personal chef who was given strict instructions on what to feed him under the guidance of his doctor. And mind you, the info I gained was quite an insight that I encourage you to slowly incorporate it in your own diet for health reasons. Here are a few and the reasons why you should avoid it.

  1. Avoid canned and processed goods – aside from eating something that smells like a tin can, the preservatives plus the additives gives you higher chances of developing cancer. And if you have no choice of eating processed food, the ideal serving should be the size of a matchbox.
  1. Grilled dishes – as much as you like sinugbang isda or pork belly unfortunately those dark char that you see sticking out of the meat are carcinogenic. It means they are cancerous.
  1. Avoid red meat – Ok this is still a struggle for me. I still want my steak. Red meats feed cancer cells. I’m no doctor, but that’s what I was told by the doctors. So you might want to lay low on meat here.
  1. Eat veggies – Yep! Your mom was right. You should be eating more veggies. According to nutritionist an ideal diet should be 50% veggies, 25% for protein and 25% for carbs. No wonder a lot of people are now going vegetarian.
  1. Water – plenty of it. 8 glasses a day a minimum.


With these general guidelines, evidently taking “shit” would make it easier for you. But I know that’s still not the case for some of you peeps.  Call it genetics, or poor diet choices but it’s actually not as easy as some people might think. And I know the struggle myself. I tried laxatives but I was told by doctors not to be dependent on it as its chemical based. So I skipped that.


Cleaning Up

The constipation was quite a struggle that at times I’d find myself bringing my laptop with me in the toilet for 30 minutes just to make a successful “deposit”. But often times I’m still left feeling frustrated and bloated. Good thing though I found some remedies that helped me with this struggle, and I hope this will help with yours too.


  1. Juicing – basically a concoction of fruits and vegetables that will detox your body which will then help you “go” easily. The downside to this though is that fruits and vegetables can be very expensive, and you need a juicer or a blender. A constant visit to the grocery store to buy your produce might also be time consuming for you.
  2. Whole grain oatmeal – this by far has helped me A LOT. I interchange my rice with oats on certain meals. Since whole grain oats are far more fibrous it gets the job done.
  3. Coffee – Now I’m not talking about your favorite instant coffee here. I’m talking about all natural freshly brewed coffee. It’s a natural diuretic. Holistic therapists even use coffee as a natural enema for patients who are forced to “let it go”.

Now if these options are not suitable for you. There is another method that helped me and it’s been my daily ritual now. And that is drinking Iaso Tea.

Iaso Tea Philippines
In Photo: Lexus Dela Cruz | Business Developer and Executive Director for TLC Philippines

This was actually introduced to me by this guy, Lexus who proactively promotes healthy living.  He posted about this product on his Facebook that it was a detox tea. With all the hype circulating about dietary supplements I wasn’t initially keen about it. But I was desperate to find a solution, so I Googled about the product and it ranked promising results.

The label said it was made of organically grown ingredients made from a special blend of 9 safe, natural and edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh. It was a big selling point for me.

So I left him a message asking him for the price and all, but Lexus generously gave me a pack that would last me for 1 month. Here’s what I can say about the tea:

1. It taste just like regular ice tea without the sugar. So it was a neutral liquid that wasn’t nasty on my taste buds.

2. It really helps you go to the toilet in a good and gentle way. Not the I-want-to-run-to-the-toilet kinda feel. First night I drank 2 glasses of it and the next morning was Alleluia! My bowel movement have been daily and I am so loving it.

3. Detox to the nth degree – I occasionally drink and I can finish half a bottle of brandy or a bottle of wine to myself. But after drinking the tea for a week, I can’t even finish a glass of alcohol. That being said, it really cleaned up all the toxins from my body. A few minor side effects though are pimple breakouts which means my body was really flushing out the toxins. The breakouts only lasted for a week.

4. Lighter complexion – now this was a welcome bonus for me. I noticed my skin getting lighter and smoother. Not bad for an after effect right?

5.Better Sleep – I use to stay up ‘til 5am but I now sleep during regular hours. There’s just something about the tea that makes you want to sleep like a baby.


Just to put it out straight, this blog post is not a product endorsement. My objective of writing this post is to help those who are struggling just like me. And with the unfortunate loss of our dad, I never would have taken my bowel issue seriously. And I never would have thought that someone was willing to help with my struggle. So I’m paying it back with this blog post to also educate peeps like you. So a big fat thank you to the brainiac’s who developed this tea and to Lexus for introducing me to the product.


The month of February is actually Cancer Awareness Month. And this post right here is my dedication to keeping it real with those who are fighting the fight with Cancer. And to those who are avoiding having one.

Lots of love,


P.S.  You can get a hold of Lexus to know more about Iaso Tea by contacting him through his Facebook page 



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