Organic Chicken and Pork: Raising Your Standards to Healthy Diet

Organic Chicken and Pork: Raising Your Standards to Healthy Diet

Having access to organic produce in this heavily-industrialized farming world is still a scarcity. I’ve been on a hunt for organic vegetables and livestock here in Cebu, and I am so happy that I was introduced to this community of modern-day food heroes through a good friend Neil.

cebu organic agriculture cooperative

As a foodie that cooks, yes, I’ve been very cautious of what type of foods I serve on the table. Our weekly diet in my household is mostly composed of vegetables, and not much on the meat. But, despite having access to Carbon market where I can easily buy my fresh produce, I know deep down inside that not everything that I buy there that is green and fresh are entirely healthy choices for me.  I learned this the hard way when my dad was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. A type of cancer that is diet related.

organic chicken farm cebu


So when I met Neil at an event, Neil mentioned that he is part of this community of farmers who are into organic farming. A few days after, we decided to film this video to introduce the abundance of organic produce in Cebu. It was a welcome surprise!  Their community Cebu Organic Agriculture Cooperative is composed of a variety of organic farmers. They are basically a library of organic produce! From organic honey, vegetables, pork, chicken, and more!

Organic farm in cebu


If you are in Cebu and is interested to get your freshest produce from these guys, I highly recommend that you get in touch with the Facebook page of Cebu Organic Agriculture Cooperative or through Mr. Eddie Bohol, the Coop’s President at cell number 0917-6246110 and 0925-7666800. For your freshest organic eggs, chicken and pork meat, the Hat Lady farm can easily take your order through this number 0917-3266129.

So what’s my last words here…..


Going organic is a TRUE investment for yourself and your family's health. In the bigger picture, you’re saving the planet too! 🙂 






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