How to Choose the Right Frying Pan?

Frying your food is so much easier when using the right pan. However, there are lots of types on the market and there is much to consider when selecting the right one. What are the actual benefits or the differences between the pans? I will guide you through the main field of choices, so that you can eventually make the right ones.

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Stainless Steel

It is definitely worth it to invest in a high-quality stainless steel pan for various foods you want to cook. Stainless steel are great when you want to create a beautiful browning, when sautéing or when you cook in sauce. The deep curves of the pans will prevent any splashing.

You can even put these pans in the oven if the handles are made of heatproof material, which I think is ideal. It can handle some heat, in contrast to most nonstick pans. Food that sticks easily, like eggs and pancakes, are not very suited.

Besides, stainless pans are very sustainable. There is no coating that has to be protected carefully, and the material can definitely handle intense use of it. Because of the lack of a coating, burned food will not get off that easy. But with the right cleanser it is definitely possible. I personally make sure to soak it in a bit of warm soapy water after it has cooled down.

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Nonstick pans are perfect to use for frying eggs or vegetables or to bake pancakes. Some nonstick cookware are coated with ceramic-titanium compound, which prevents food from sticking and makes the cleaning afterwards really easy. You can use a lot less oil because of this coating, which makes your cooking a lot healthier.

Unfortunately, the nonstick coats are less sustainable than stainless steel. Once the coating starts to flake, it’s time to invest in a new one. In general, it’s less resistant to heat. When cooking with a nonstick pan, you have to make sure that your burner is not on maximally, but on medium or low.



Cast-iron pans can help you with a one-pot meal or the grilling of meat without any problems. The cast-iron makes sure that a lot of heat is retained and the temperature is spread nicely. Besides, they are oven-friendly and easy to clean with only a bit of warm water.

Some pans have an enamel surface, which means that you can use less oil (which will make your cooking a lot healthier). They are often sustainable for life-time and will definitely not fail on you quickly.

Most cast-iron pans are very heavy (think of 3kg), which makes it harder to move around or lift up. My own experiences taught me that this makes them not very suited for eggs in the morning.

Consider the investment in some good frying pans wisely. The benefit of preparing your food without any difficulties is, in my opinion, worthwhile.

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