Philippine’s/Filipino Street Food: Cebu’s Pungko Pungko

Philippine’s/Filipino Street Food: Cebu’s Pungko Pungko

Hi guys,

Time to make some new vids this 2017, and it’s Food Trippin’ — Cebu style!

So ladies and gents, let’s explore Cebu’s foodie culture called PUNGKO PUNGKO!

If you are a native of Cebu, Philippines this dining experience is not alien to you I’m sure.

Pungko-pungko is a Bisaya dialect that means “to squat” on a cute stool, and pick and eat whatever is in front of you ala buffet style. Here’s a quick video on how to experience this Cebu street food dining experience.

Pungko-pungko location: Fronting Apple Tree Suites, J. Llorente St., Cebu City / back part of Hi-Precision Diagnostics, Capitol Site

Address on Google Maps:

If you’ve been in this place, let me know your experience on the comments box below. Happy New Year foodie folks!



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