Steamed Cabbage Rolls

Steamed Cabbage Rolls

My love for Dimsum started from the famous Dimsum restaurant in Cebu called Harbour City.  Which they also did a fastfood version of their restaurant named Dimsum Break. As much as I love their food, they are getting pricier and pricier. So I made my own versions of dimsum favorites to satisfy my cravings and yes to avoid spending too much on eating out. I’ve given this recipe to some friends which they admit that they cannot simply follow the recipe, so I decided to post this here in my blog which I hope you guys will also try in your kitchen.  This recipe I should say is very close to the authentic dimsum style Steamed Cabbage Rolls, all of the ingredients I’m sure is easy to find so give this cabbage roll a try ok?


¼ Ground pork

1 tablespoon Oyster sauce

1 teaspoon Ground pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1/8 Shrimps that’s peeled and heads removed

1 large Chinese Cabbage

1 thumb size ginger grated or finely chopped

2 stalks of spring onions – chopped

1 small size onions – chopped

Chopped half size of Sayote/Chayote

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 teaspoon white sugar



  1. Roughly slice the shrimp.
  2. Mix the pork and shrimp, sayote, spring onions, ginger, salt and pepper, white sugar oyster sauce, and sesame oil.
  3. Remove the bottom stalks of the cabbage, rinse with water then set aside.
  4. Boil a liter of water, and then let’s blanch cabbage until soft but not soggy.
  5. Scoop a portion of the mixture and place in the middle bottom part of the leaf. Then flip the sides, then roll it going up.
  6. Using a steamer, let it boil for 10 minutes. Make sure that the opening is at the bottom so you can seal that meat in.
  7. Let it steam for about 15 minutes.
  8. Place it on a serving plate, and then add a bit of the steamed water from earlier so it doesn’t dry up. You can drizzle a bit of the sesame oil to elevate that dimsum aroma.

By the way, this Steamed Chinese Cabbage rolls is PERFECT with my Chinese Chili Oil recipe. Check it out so you will have a complete dimsum experience when you make this dish. Or to make it easier. Watch my vid tutorial of it down below.



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