SIBOT CHICKEN SOUP: A Hearty & Medicinal Soup

SIBOT CHICKEN SOUP: A Hearty & Medicinal Soup

 My curiosity for this herb started years back when I posted this spice pack on my Instagram, and my old boss responded that its called SIBOT. A mix of Chinese spices, that I swear, smells like heaven!


I didn’t know how to cook with it yet so I’ve been stocking up on these spices waiting for a eureka moment to hit me on how I can use this magical pack of herbs. Fast forward to the present, I’ve been cooking with this from time to time especially if I need that hearty soup to give me a pick-me-up-mood at the end of the day. Plus, in Chinese tradition, it's known as a medicinal soup. So that’s just a great bonus to have if you are making this dish.


This chicken Sibot soup is actually my local take on the traditional Chinese Chicken Black Soup. Since hunting a black chicken is close to impossible in the Philippines, we are going to stick with our usual dressed chicken. And for this recipe, I used chicken thighs. But you can use any other chicken parts as well.






4 pieces of chicken thighs with bone-in.

1-liter water

2 packs sibot pack

1 large carrot - cut into cubes

1 medium-size sweet potato (camote) - cut into cubes

2 medium-size radish - cut into cubes

Salt to taste





  1. On a pot, bring the water to boil and add in the chicken meat. Cook it for 15 minutes. While it boils, remove the white froth that forms on top of the broth.


  1. Then add in the sibot herbs. Continue to let it cook for about 15 mins.


  1. Add in the sliced sweet potato, carrots. Then salt to taste. Continue to cook for 5 minutes.


  1. I wanted the radish to retain that crunchy texture, so I made sure to add it to the last part along with the goji berries, and just let it cook for 3 to 5 more minutes.


  1. Serve in a bowl and enjoy!



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