My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist: Kitchen Must-Have’s

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist: Kitchen Must-Have’s

As the famous classic singer Andy William’s sings it “It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” and insert my personal lyric of “to ask Santa Claus for my must-have’s!” Oh yes! I’m definitely prancing and panicking this Christmas holiday as I prep my menu for the most awaited Christmas dinner. My kitchen is pretty humble with a few gadgets that can whip-up dishes, but, and here’s the big-big BUT…… it needs a major makeover. From my non-stick pans that’s worn out, knives that needs sharpening, and cooking equipment that can help me make healthier dishes for the holiday season, I need me some good quality and good looking kitchen equipment to gawk, enjoy and brag about to my family and friends this holiday season. 😀 Like seriously, no-kidding on the bragging part. Most of my friends are foodies that cook, and we are a mafia of kitchen warriors that gets giddy excited with kitchen appliances.

So a week back I discovered De’longhi, an Italian brand that specializes in small kitchen appliances. Now if you are in the hunt for good quality kitchen appliances that doesn’t die out easily, then it’s time for you to invest in some Italian-made kitchen equipment. With punn intended, add some Italian lovin’ to your kitchen will yah!

And if you are a foodie that cooks, you know that a box of kitchen props will instantly give you that jolly cheer as if you won the major jackpot in the lottery. So since I’ve been nice this year (yes, I’ve been nice, a little naughty, but still nice 😀 ),  I can ask Santa Claus for some nice Christmas gifts for my humble and homey kitchen.


Coffee Machine 

Right now I brew my coffee in a kettle, then manually whip some full cream milk using a whisk, pour it in a mug, add the sugar, froth and then a sprinkle of cinnamon. And that takes me 20 minutes to actually make a decent cappuccino just to make sure I won’t be a zombie for the rest of the day. With that, I need me a timesaver! Now this baby is called the Fully Auto Coffee Machine ECAM 26.455.M. I probably invested in about 10 coffee machines in my adult life as I hunt for the perfect coffee maker that can totally extract the goodness of freshly grounded coffee beans, and according to my research, this coffee machine gives it. It says “At a touch of a button all your favorite drinks: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, caffelatte or hot milk. “ Now isn’t that magic?! One touch of a button you have a cup of gourmet coffee. Imagine a magical cup of cappuccino on a Christmas morning. That will surely be divine!

Key Features and Product Specs:

1. LatteCrema System – Enjoy a perfect mix of milk and coffee beverages. A creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature… until the last drop. The automatic cleaning function on the froth regulating dial allows you to easily clean the whole milk carafe system.

2. Easy to Clean and Practical – Automatic cleaning function integrated in the froth regulating knob for an easy
maintainance. The milk carafe is highly practical as the milk can be stored in the refrigerator when not in use.

3. Memory Function – You can memorize your favorite cappuccino by choosing the amount of milk and coffee
and your favorite espresso: its temperature, the quantity of ground coffee and the quantity of water.


Multicooker/Healthy Fryer

Second on my list is this low oil fryer and multicooker. Why? Doesn’t it make you feel guilty that you have to use ½ a liter of cooking oil just to serve your kids a hefty plate of French fries? My girls love fries, but I haven’t cooked them any for a year now simply because I made a vow to serve healthier dishes in my homey space. And my calorie intake should only be 1,200 per day, and you know how much calories there are in a small bowl of fries regularly cooked in oil? 450! If I continue to cook fried foods without any healthier substitutes, my arteries are going to clog up and it won’t be a happy visit to the doctor. So if this machine can do the trick, why not right? Bonus points, I can cook other meals with this. Hmmm….I’m thinking of testing my 4-cheese risotto with chives with this device, and make a killer recipe video on my Youtube channel. With it’s auto-mixing function, I bet it will turn out perfect.

Key Features and Product Specs:

1. Excellent Cooking Performance – Food is crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside.
2. Rapid Cooking ​ ​
3. Time saving: only 27 min for 1 kg of frozen potatoes. ​
4. High Food Capacity​​
5. 1.7 Kg of fresh potatoes to peel and 1,5 Kg of frozen potatoes without adding oil.
6. Lower Heating Element
7. Adjustable Thermostat


Ice Cream Maker 

Last but certainly not the least, the Ice Cream Maker II Gelataio ICK 6000. I once worked with a friend a friend of mine who owns Eliseo Artisal Gelato, and and this guy is obsessed with gelatos. I’ve learned hefty tips and tricks in how a real gelato is different from icecream. He said that commercial gelatos in a tub is usually 50% air and its smoothness is not of a real Italian gelato. I never thought that the science of gelatos was that “complicated”. I was also told that not all gelato or ice cream machines can deliver the quality and texture of this frosty creamy goodness. With its patented paddle that guarantee creaminess and fine mixing, I have no doubt that this ice cream maker can deliver more than what is expected.  And yes, TV nights with homemade ice cream will never, ever be the same again.

Key Features and Product Specs:

1. Special Paddle
2. Special paddle, to mix ingredients perfectly
3. Removable Bowl
4. Removable bowl in stainless steel, with 1,2 lt capacity, to prepare up to 700 g of ice-cream
5. Dishwasher-safe ​
6. The paddle, bowl and lid can be washed in the dishwasher, for utmost ease of use
7. The product comes with 36 ice cream and sorbet recipes.

So what about you fellow foodies? Do you have any wish list for your kitchen? I recommend you check out Delonghi and see what killer kitchen gadgetry you can have on your wish list too. Now to boyfriends and husbands, aheem, we know how much you don’t like shopping and lining up. Save yourself the time and check it out too. 😀



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