How to Perfectly “Grill” Tuna Panga (Sinugba | Inihaw)

How to Perfectly “Grill” Tuna Panga  (Sinugba | Inihaw)

No grill, no problem. Inihaw or sugba has always been a huge part of the Filipino food culture. Weekends, birthdays, fiestas, an afternoon at the beach…sugba  or inihaw is always on the menu.


Now for you our foreigner friends, Sugba (a visayan word), or ihaw (the tagalog version) actually means GRILL or GRILLED.  


For this video, we will do Sinugba na Isda or inihaw…without the grill. Why? Well, for starters, I noticed that a lot of Filipinos grill fish (or any meat for that matter) the wrong way. What’s the wrong way?


Too much charcoal heat, the flame is too near to the grill which can overcook the outer part but undercook the meat inside. Worse, the meat comes burnt char which is not good for your health. In fact, it’s cancerous.


So if you still want to have the grill-like flavor, this recipe is for you.

I didn’t bother putting up the marinade mixture on this blog since you can easily find it in my previous post INIHAW / SUGBA: THE ULTIMATE FILIPINO MARINADE & BBQ GLAZE .

Just a few notes. This inihaw / sugba recipe is technically done in the oven. But you can definitely use a standard grill for it too.

Now here's how you can also do the marinade mixture. 




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