Discount Deals for You


When it comes to discount deals, promos, and freebies, we all want to have some, if not all of it, correct? So, as a kuripot single-mommy (the diplomatic word though is budget-cautious:P ), I've listed down my recommended services from hotel bookings, airline discounts, restaurant deals, and a few more which I hope to fill up in this section.


It also means they are proven and tested deals for me which I hope can also help you save some mooolah too. In all honesty, these are my affiliate links which I have personally used their services and product. What that means is that when you get products/services from this list I get a humble commission of it. The commission rate is not much, but I do appreciate it if you use these deals since every cents I get are used to manage the cost for my website. 🙂 

So here are my awesome discount deals for you: 


Hotels, Resorts, Accommodation Booking Sites

Hotel & Resort Discounts: TravelBook.Ph

So here's an amusing and real story. We needed a place for a friend in town and we inquired at a pension house infront of my place.

We went to the Pension House in front the of the house. Their rate is Php1,600++ per night so we didn't go for it. I went to Travelbook's website and got the exact same room with breakfast for Php900++ only. Imagine the difference and savings! Plus, they have exclusive discount deals if you have an account with them.

So if you want the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE for ALL of your hotel bookings in the Philippines, book your hotel here or fill out the calendar below to get the BEST DEAL ever!

Home Stays & Boutique Hotels/Resorts: Airbnb

Another aspect of travelling is exploring the locals, specially if you're travelling abroad. Another platform that I often use is Aibnb. Unlike traditional hotel and resort bookings, Airbnb has independent homes, condos, resorts and other specialty housing accommodations listed on their website. I've used them during my travels to Vietnam, Cambodia (check out this blog post for my Airbnb experience), and a few local trips in the Philippines. Book with them and get an instant Php1,100 OFF from your confirmed booking using my affiliate link. 

One thing I like about this website is that the rooms listed are very very budget-friendly, and you get to stay with locals as they host you in their lovely homes. Rooms with a complete kitchen can go as long as $10 (around Php500). So if you need a place to stay without breaking the bank, or simply want a staycation in your area, then click the image to the left or click here to see what awesome choices they have for you. 

Where I get my Kitchen Stuff

Whether kitchen equipment, supplies, and those rarest of ingredients. My small kitchen is still well-stocked because of the convenience that these brands give me. Trusted and totally-worth bragging from my books, this is why I recommend these brands. 



Spices for Cooking: Molinos 

If you've been looking for those hard-to-find spices to elevate your dishes, Molinos de la Especia is your go-to spice boutique store. A little disclaimer, this is my sister's business and setting aside the sibling connection, as a foodie that cooks, the spices that they sell around the Philippines are of premium quality that top restaurants and hotels in Cebu buy from them. And yes, I get my free spices from them but it's fair to say their collection of powdered spices is a must-have in your pantry specially their grounded Garam Masala for those exotic Indian dishes, and Papadum  that you can pair with garlic yogurt as a snack. 

honestbee grocery delivery

Grocery Delivery: HonestBee

I'm in love with this app! Yep it's an app where you can easily order your grocery supplies. When I get too busy with life, this app is my go-to concierge. Using their app I can easily select the supplies that I need from pantry staples, canned goods, meat, and basically everything in a grocery store is in the app. After you are done with your orders, they deliver it to you within one hour.  I've also used their app to order S&R pizza for my daughter's movie marathon with her classmates and boy that saved me time and money! Why? You get discount prices from them. Like for real! I ordered 2,500 worth of groceries and I only paid 2,000.  Now who doesn't want to get savings in a grocery store, right? Plus, they use eco-bags, and I just love a company that is friendlier to the environment. Special mention to their super friendly and helpful staff that upholds awesome customer service. 

As a special deal, download the app here to get your Php500.00 discount for grocery purchases, and a P300 food-delivery discount when you use their app to order from your fave restaurants. 

My Vlogging Gear

Now if you are a vlogger like me or want to start your own vlog channel, having the right gear really does help in making great quality videos (although mine is still a work-in-progress) 😀 .  I understand that buying gears can be soooo expensive, and as a budget-cautious vlogger, I have scouted the entire web to look for the best deals that will not break your bank account. These are also products that are proven with good quality as we tested, and it's what I currently use for my videos. 


Vlog Lighting Equipment: Nvshen18" LED Evolution Ring Light

What I like about this ring light is it's great for portrait shots, no wonder these are loved by makeup vloggers, but for me is that it's also great for FOOD too! Its ring is bendable that can give you that well-lighted table top video/image clips. It also comes with a phone and DSLR holder. For its price of 5,999 it's actually the cheapest in its category with its 18 inches in diameter. It gets the job done for me and more! You can check out the full specs of this affordable ring light here


Zhiyun Smooth Q 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Video Stabilizer: Zhiyun Smooth Handheld Gimbal

What really frustrates me when making videos is the fact that I end up making shaky video clips. Since I started my vlog segments on my Youtube channel, me and Jun figured it was best to buy a stabilizer to have a much professional-looking video shots. Famous Gimbal/stabilizers are normally priced around P15,000 to P25,000 which was out of our budget. With a lot of Google searches with price and specs comparison, this Zhiyun Smooth Q3 was the best choice. And no regrets for it! What I like about this stabilizer gear is that it has its own app that you can download on your phone which gives you plenty of features for video recording, the battery also lasts for 12 hours, and you can also use it as your go-to powerbank. Jun's Samsung S8 Plus, my Samsung S6 edge and iphone6 also fits well into the gear. Lazada offers a great discount for this model at P6,000 from its regular price of 11,999. Read more about the full specs here