Beef Caldereta

Beef Caldereta

Beef Caldereta is one of the mostly cooked dishes in the Philippines during special occasions like birthdays and fiestas. This dish is the Filipino version of the beef stew and is very good to pair with freshly cooked steamed rice. Well, everything we eat here as a meal in the Philippines is always paired with rice and this one is no exception. Why? It’s slow cooked in a rich and thick tomato sauce. Enough with my blabbing, on to the recipe.

½ kilo beef (Caldereta cuts or beef cube cuts) around 2 inches in thickness
Beef meat (cut in cubes) 2 inch. Thickness – ½ kilo
Water – ½ litre
Tomato sauce – 2 cups
Grated cheddar cheese – 150 grams
Chicken liver (boiled and mashed) ¼ kilo
Cooking oil – 2 tablespoon
Medium sized onion – chopped
Cloves of garlic (chopped) – 3
Cloves of garlic (crushed) 2
Ginger (medium sized) – peeled and sliced
Asian bell peppers (cut into squares) – 2
Medium size potatoes (cut in cubes) – medium size
Large carrot (sliced into cubes) – 1
Salt and pepper to taste
White Sugar – 1 tablespoon


1. Using a pressure cooker, add the water, salt, pepper, ginger, crushed garlic and beef meat together and let it cook for 45 minutes to 60 minutes ‘til the meat is tender.
2. Once tender, remove the meat from the pressure cooker, separate the broth and meat then set aside.
3. Using a wok or a thick bottom pan, sauté the chopped onion and garlic with the oil.
4. Then add the mashed liver, saute’ again for 1 minute, then add the tomato sauce and mix altogether.
5. Then add the beef broth and let it boil for 15 minutes.
6. Add the bell peppers and cheese, and then add salt, pepper, and sugar to taste.
7. Serve!



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