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I’m a single mommy of 2 wonderful girls that wears a mélange of hats in life. I’m a Digital Marketer and PR working for local and foreign companies straight from my cutesy home office space here in Cebu City, Philippines. When not doing work, I wear the hat of a kitchen warrior and a palate explorer (on a budget), a tech-geek in heels, a coffee addict, a night owl, and a modern Filipina mom who can’t survive a day without her phone.


This blog are snippets of recipes, DIY’s, travels and lifestyle content in and outside my office space. I hope these topics resonates to your very own lifestyle as well.




Recipes, lifestyle, DIY’s, travels. Girl, isn’t that a lot on your plate? Yes it is, but if you are a parent like me, much more a single parent like me, I’m sure you’ve been doing all these things already. So why not share it to the world and pick up pointers from each other right?


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So why do I blog? It’s simple, I need to have a hobby! Hobbies are good, it’s a stress reliever, it allows you to channel your creativity, and it gives you something to do when you aren’t doing anything. It makes you proud of what you’ve done. Whether it’s an #EPIC success or a complete #EPICFAIL.  And since I tinker on so many things, I decided to put them up on my blog site to amuse readers like you, and hopefully share to you my practical tips in maintaining your own homey space.





(P.S.   I just launched my Youtube channel to simply expand my hobby with cooking, so feel free to go through the vids and share the love by subscribing to my channel. I post weekly recipes and food trip vids for you guys.)